Toyota hilux 4x4

    Finding the perfect ride to freedom

    737 550 nomadic adventure
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    Never before did I think I could become jealous of a material possession. That was until my boyfriend bought a new car. Sorry not a car, a ute (I’ve already been lectured on the importance of using the correct terminology). Her name is “Luxi” and of course, like me, she is a female.

    When James met Luxi I could see that it was love at first site. He fondly took numerous photos of her. He drove her with a tender hand and would not stop talking about how he felt “on top of the world” in her 2 inch lifted cab.

    I will not lie, I too liked Luxi the first time we met. She is spacious with her King cab and the advice on Hiluxes was unanimous- they are apparently unbreakable!


    After 4 weeks of full time car research and test driving, we knew Luxi was the one. However unfortunately for me, I’m starting to feel like the 7th wheel on this road trip. Luxi is now the topic of our conversations, she attracts jealous glances from drivers by, and James’ spare time is jam packed with ‘Luxi maintenance work.’

    But I cannot complain, Luxi is our vehicle to adventure into the great unknown. She is reliable and trustworthy – everything you need in a good gal.

    So lookout for our Luxi on the road – she’s a mean machine! And lookout for me sitting passively on the passenger side – James says one lucky day, when Luxi is used to me, I can drive her.