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    Reflections of paradise

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    Where else in the world can you watch a giant goanna crawl past your back door, kangaroos jump across your front door, and a beautiful sunrise over a deserted island beach?

    Australia mate, and we bloody love it!

    Our great southern land is vast and changing. So much of it is left raw, rural and unspoiled. We are loving the hidden spots, epic bush camping and beautiful coastline we have discovered during the past 8 weeks driving up & down the east coast. The ocean reflects upon fashion, architecture, attitudes and lifestyle, creating the ultimate laid-back, surf vibe.

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    Bribie Island is one of those epic camp spots where you feel like you’ve reached the end of the earth. Like you’ve walked into an episode of Survivor. We camped literally on the sand of Ocean beach that stretched for miles without another soul in site. Our footprints joined tracks of strange birds and kangaroos lining the sand dunes.  2 days of fishing, swimming and exploring were well spent on a $12 a night budget! It’s a bit of a battle with the wildlife at some of these remote spots but that’s half the fun of going AWOL! We have had run-ins with crows stealing my knickers off the line, ducks getting into our cooking pan, and kangaroos clawing for our pockets. Pick pockets may be an issue in Europe, but the wildlife is very opportunistic in Australia! Keep your valuable food locked away in plastic tubs fellow adventurers, and don’t leave scraps lying around!

    This constant gamble with the local residents is one of the best things about going bush in Aus. The smallest of things in our ecosystem from a spider spinning a web, to the flow of a river, demonstrate the immense power of mother nature at work. Living a nomads life dependent on her elements and moods makes us appreciate the beauty of our natural environment, and the necessity of her basic offerings. Finding a tree for some shade is a godsend on some of these summer scorchers! So get amongst it nomads! Clear your mind, appreciate your life and see clearly what truly matters!