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    What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you read the word?

    Do you think of connecting to the internet or plugging your phone into power? It makes you wonder, has the meaning of the word connection been somewhat redefined by technology?

    Camping can make you feel completely connected and in tune with all things natural, and yet disconnected from civilisation. Bush camping grants you the time of day to really take in a place, to feel a part of it, to notice the breeze on your face, and the changes in the weather from dawn to dusk. Such natural progressions often go unnoticed in a full and busy life; a life where level of importance is often judged by the amount of stress one is under. But travelling Australia certainly clears much of the fog that settles heavy and thick when in the rat race. Whilst more greatly connected to nature, we find ourselves disconnected from people. James and I are often the only one’s camping in these remote spots. And if we stay in caravan parks other young travelers are far and few between the grey nomads.


    We have chosen to remain connected with friends and family through social media, sharing the beautiful spots we uncover. But I can’t help to notice that checking FB and insta, more often than not, leaves me feeling deflated and absent from current time and place. The power social media has over my moods is astonishing. I am constantly comparing myself to the perfect snapshots of other peoples’ lives that they choose to share. Likes, followers, friends and sharing are words now associated with competitive numbers for a position in the never ending feed.

    Building a brand largely online, James and I find ourselves torn between the power of the internet to make our dreams come true, and the damaging effect of never switching off. So I am writing this blog to get one thing straight. We don’t want you to sit inside on your phone flicking through our Insta feed, FB page or website feeling jealous, regretful or bored. We want to inspire you to go out and just do it. Whatever your dream, whatever your passion. What would you do if you had no fear of failure? If you think our Aussie pictures are awesome then use our website to find out how to get to these beautiful places. It’s waiting for you, this weekend. Don’t be envious, be empowered! Get out and see it, be in it, believe it. Don’t just take our word for it! And when you’re out there sucking in the fresh air, give the technology a break and take it all in. Be mindful and present, for we are only given 1 precious life. Don’t let it pass you by.

    Sending freedom vibes,