Just married

    Just married

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    So we bought a block of land, built a house and have settled down.

    I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner whilst James is building the front deck.

    Just kidding!!

    We have chosen a campsite, put up our tent, and I’m cooking pasta whilst James pegs out the tent fly. Travelling as a young couple around Australia can be isolating and challenging, but it forces you to work out a system, to understand each other fully and to contribute equally. It’s the ultimate test of compatibility. But it may also prove incompatibility.


    At a camp spot north of Perth, alcohol fueled an argument between a young couple that went way too far. When it got physical a mate stepped in to break it up. I couldn’t believe that people dating in their 20’s could already be dealing with violence. What was even more concerning was the people camping opposite who watched the whole thing and thought it was funny. How could aggressively dragging a girl from a car and throwing her to the ground be comical? The next morning everybody acted as if nothing had happened. One of the many valuable lessons I took out of a volunteer program with Doncare domestic violence unit, is that isolation makes people feel powerless. Here was this young woman, surrounded by friends, yet completely alone in dealing with an awkward and traumatic situation. I offered her support in the only way I felt I could, but I hope she doesn’t stay with him.

    On the flip side we have met some adorable husband and wife caravanning duos. Italian team Matilda and Dominic have been married for 53 years, and proudly spoke to us for an hour about their kids and grand kids. They walked around the caravan park arm in arm, donning matching Crocs. It made me realise that having someone you can trust, and just be your silly self with, really helps in this life without rules.

    So to all the singles ready to mingle out there – I hope you find someone you can camp with. I hope you treat them with the respect they deserve, the respect you want in return. I hope you don’t use social media to be deceitful, or violence to be forceful. And I hope you make each other better people in life’s big adventure.

    Much love,