Kimberley floods WA

    The Windjana community

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    My Dad is one of those farmers who denies that it’s raining. Water falls from the sky but apparently it’s not the “proper” kind of rain.

    Well Dad, 125ml running a lake through your tent certainly looks like “proper” rain to me. I’m proud to be taking the photo proof home. Not only did we see it, we bloody camped in it!

    James and I were pumped to FINALLY begin our Kimberley adventure. Day 1 was off to an adventurous start with a stroll through 350million year old Tunnel Creek. Fresh water crocs whipped into the water as we torchlight navigated the cave. We made camp just after dark in Windjana campground, excited to explore the gorge the following day. There was no need to rush. 1 night turned into 4 at Windjana.

    It was 10pm when the rain started. We were sitting pretty in our tarped tent watching the neighbours scatter like ants. Just as we were praising ourselves for being nice and dry in bed early, I noticed the corner of my pillow felt wet. We turned on the torches to find a steady flow of water seeping through all corners. Within 2 minutes we were on a water bed. James grabbed the Gopro (clearly got his priorities in order) and I grabbed the bed to throw in the back of the ute. Somehow the car keys were dropped in the process. Clearly it was chaos!

    Luckily we found the spare key and somehow managed to organise our bed on top of our stuff in the tray. It rained.

    In the morning we clambered out of the tray into 20cm deep water. The Ranger informed us that all roads leading in and out of Windjana were closed until Wednesday. It was Friday.

    Over the next 6 days we had the unique experience of getting to know every single person in the campground. We became somewhat a camping “community”. Older couple Sue and Leath would walk the campground loop every morning, catching up on the goss and of course the latest weather report. Judy and John shared campsite stories and plenty of laughs. When our food was running low we were invited to dinner and given damper by Arie and Tara. I had the chance to do some target market research for Nomadic, the perfect opportunity to interview potential customers!

    At 4pm on day 6 we were free! We high-tailed it out of there and had to back track to buy supplies before attempting a second start to the Gibb the following day.

    But we ended up missing the company of our Windjana community. We reminisced on friendships formed over the shared experience of flood camping. But it was time to move on and launch into the fiercely flowing Kimberley waterfalls and rivers.

    Thanks for being awesome peeps Windjana community!