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    What on earth is NAC?!

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    You may well be wondering what NAC is all about! In this blog you can find out why Lauren and James, the co founders of NAC, wanted to start an ethical business of their own. You will discover how they went about putting their idea into action, and learn about how your NAC purchases help our fellow citizens of the globe. After reading this blog we hope to see you wearing NAC gear on all your nomadic adventures; why? Because if you do, we can make the world a better place. And that’s no word of a lie or attempt at a cliche, it’s the truth. If you still have a question about NAC or want to know more, just send a PM to the NAC Facebook page @nomadic_adventure_co.

    Who is NAC?

    NAC is a couple of Uni grads, everyday people just like you, doing what they love and making it count. Lauren and James love to travel. After graduating from Deakin University in 2015 they travelled around Australia and Africa. They let themselves get lost, experience pure freedom, and opened their hearts to limitless possibility.

    In getting lost, Lauren and James found purpose. They found purpose in an idea that could combine their passions to make a change. An idea that could empower every person, every day, to explore and give back.

    Lauren has been passionate about helping the developing world ever since her first overseas trip to Bali when she was young. “I remember seeing a beggar on the street and being filled with a horrible feeling, I couldn’t put my finger on it, I was scared and shocked, I suddenly wanted to go back home.” In that moment Lauren grew up a bit, beginning to realise the reality she knew, the comfortable Australian lifestyle, was not reality for millions living in poverty. “I couldn’t believe my pet dog was sleeping in more comfortable circumstances than this man, who had no legs from the knees down, and wore thongs on his hands to move around.”

    Lauren caught the travel bug after that first overseas trip. She loved the change of culture, food and language. She has explored Thailand, China, India, Europe, the USA, Indonesia, South America, New Zealand and Australia since. The same question has presented itself every time she visited a developing country – how can we live such a privileged lifestyle in the West, and not share our wealth, education and ideas, with the people of the developing world to help their circumstances. Lauren knew this was her purpose in life – to find a way to share.

    James’ purpose was found in his love for our incredible planet and an appreciation for mother nature. Travel, studying sustainable business management, and a work history in retail management, has given James a strong understanding of consumerism, climate change and sustainable business practices. Travel has shown James the pristine landscapes of the Australian outback and the polluted cities of the developing world. “I cannot live with the damaging effects of consumerism and do nothing about it. We all have the opportunity to change our ways and stop the planet from warming, we can all preserve the environment, we just need to use the resources and knoweldge available to do it, and do it now.” James has seen first hand the plastic bottles which line the pristine beaches of the Cape York Peninsula, he has followed the political decisions leading to the destruction of the great barrier reef. He has devoted his skills and expertise to preventing the devastation from continuing. “This world is amazing, I want to preserve it so we and future generations can enjoy all it has to offer. We rely on nature for survival and people need to realise that fact.”

    Together James and Lauren have utilized their energy for change, passion for developmental sustainability and yearning for adventure, to create NAC. How on earth can NAC change the world you may be wondering? We are glad you asked…

    About Team NAC

    How does NAC work?

    Nomadic Adventure Company (NAC) is a social enterprise; a business which exists to have a positive social impact in the world. NAC operates as most business’s do – sell stuff, make a profit, sell more stuff, make more profit. But NAC doesn’t just sell “stuff”, NAC sells environmentally friendly gear that is built for adventure. NAC is a lifestyle choice. When you explore wearing your NAC gear, you are funding life-changing projects in the developing world and preserving our amazing planet.

    NAC donates 100% of the profits made from sales, to help end global poverty.  Development projects which improve the living standard for people overseas are carefully selected to ensure the products you buy are having maximal positive impact for people who need it. The first project selected to receive profits is Melon Mission school in Kenya, Africa. Melon Mission provides free education to over 500 street kids in the dusty slums of outer Nairobi. Education can give these kids the chance to break out of the poverty cycle, to find jobs, earn an income and live with food, shelter and clean drinking water. James and Lauren met the Melon Mission students whilst volunteering in Africa last year. The circumstances Melon students live and learn in, feel worlds away from Australia. The children eat lunch at school, which is often their only meal for the day. Lunch consists of porridge (boiled maize), Ugali (baked maize), beans, and boiled cabbage or spinach. Whilst Aussie kids refuse to eat their broccoli, Melon Mission students survive on boiled vegetables. Melon Mission must also purchase water to fill their tanks for students to drink. The playground is a dusty courtyard where kids kick around a ball made from plastic bags tied with string. James and Lauren could not return to their comfortable lives in Australia and forget about their experience at Melon Mission school in Kenya, with the NAC busines plan developing, there was an opportunity to assist Melon Mission in providing free education, food and uniforms to the kids from the slums.

    Thus NAC found it’s project partner, gifting every traveller with the opportunity to help the kids of Melon Mission. Now NAC had it’s purpose, project partner and small founding team. All it needed was to start. Many people have great ideas, but most of them stay just that – an idea. Starting to make an idea reality is a long process, requiring patience, persistence and ongoing motivation. Lauren and James completed the Social Traders Crunch Program in 2016. They learnt how to start a business, build a plan and support network. But the biggest lesson hey learnt was to just get it done, get it started, and be ready for the ride of a lifetime. You can plan all you like, but it’s putting the plan into action, it’s taking the risk to invest a bit of money and a lot of time into a project that may fail. But the fear of failure prevents too many great things from happening in the world. James and Lauren reached out to some incredible graphic and fashion designers, young people with great skill and a shared vision for a better world. When Lauren won some money through a travel writing competition the first product range for NAC was ordered – Ts and singlets for summer adventuring. The word was out – NAC gear is available for all nomadic adventurers.Nomadic adventure Speckled T

    Why NAC?

    Because this our chance to make the world a better place. This is our one and only life – everybody should see the world, explore the possibilities and give back to the amazing planet and beautiful people.

    Why not wear a brand that makes the world a better place? When you buy a  NAC product you invest in the future. You buy gear that is made from organic materials, in factories which utilize renewable energy and adhere to fair trade principles. You help more than 500 kids living in the slums of Africa, you assist in ending the poverty cycle. You can go adventuring knowing you have already given back to the places you are exploring. You are empowered to make a change, to join the movement, to support the planet and the people! So what are you waiting for? Jump into our shop and find the gear which will take you further. Wear the NAC which stands for Nomadic Adventure Company, tell the world you are a proud taveller who cares about the planet. Together, we can change the world.