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    We were privileged to have grown up on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne’s playground. There is an abundance of beautiful walking tracks to explore every weekend. Walking in nature can restore the balance in between your work week, and your weekend. Below we share our top three Peninsula walks to inspire you to get out and see the region for yourself this weekend.  It is easy to forget what we have in our own backyard. Let us remind you…

    Two Bays walking trail – Stretching across the widest point of the Peninsula from Dromana to Cape Schanck, this 26.4km hike takes in all the beauty the Peninsula has to offer. Not only are the views incredible but you are almost certain to come across eastern grey kangaroos, black wallabies, echidnas and koalas, making for a truly authentic Aussie experience. The trail is made up of several short walks of between 1.5km and 4km, so you can break the walk up across multiple weekends and start where you finished up previously.  With incredible ocean vistas from Arthurs Seat at one end and spectacular views over the geological formations of Pulpit Rock and Devils Desk at Cape Schanck, you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

    The Coastal walk – Starting where the Two Bays trail finishes up, the Coastal walk on the southern side of the Peninsula showcases spectacular scenery along the 30km track. This walk between Cape Schanck and the Point Nepean National Park allows you to link up with the Point Nepean walk. Like the Two Bays trail, the Coastal walk encompasses many smaller sections that can be completed separately. From the rugged rocky ocean coast at Cape Schanck to the famous sandy surf beaches at Rye and Sorrento, this trail allows you to get among what you saw from a distance on the Two Bays trail. Take in the views of Bass Strait, marvel at the beauty of the London Bridge and enjoy the heritage of the Coppins trail, which winds its way across cliff tops to Diamond Bay, including sections of an original 1800s limestone-paved footpath.

    Point Nepean walk – This is a well-known gem, yet it remains a must-do. With Bass Strait on one side and Port Philip Bay on the other, the two to four-hour Point Nepean coastal walk is a great way to explore the very tip of the Peninsula, allowing you to take in the history of the area, the rugged bush and the stunning ocean views. Cheviot Hill, Point Nepean Park’s highest point, overlooks Cheviot Beach, which beyond the spectacular view provides interest for history buffs (or conspiracy lovers) as the site of former prime minister Harold Holt’s disappearance in 1967. Along the walk you can also take in historic wartime relics and forts from World Wars I and II, exploring some of the tunnels and gun ramparts that add to the breathtaking views and making it a great spot for a walk after lunch.

    So lace up your runners and pack your bag this weekend and get exploring. Don’t forget to join the NAC tribe on your next adventure and explore with a social conscience by wearing NAC gear.