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    Toyota hilux 4x4
    Finding the perfect ride to freedom
    737 550 nomadic adventure

    Never before did I think I could become jealous of a material possession. That was until my boyfriend bought a new car. Sorry not a car, a ute (I’ve already been lectured on the importance of using the correct terminology). Her name is “Luxi” and of course, like me, she is a female. When James met Luxi I…

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    Nomadic Hilux
    When is it time to grow up?
    960 720 nomadic adventure

    “You have almost finished your degree!” “Have you found a job?” “When are you moving out?” The pressure was building to “settle down” after completing my uni degree last year and I had an odd urge to escape. We all get to that age when family, friends and society begin to expect things from us.…

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