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    adventure kombi great ocean road

    How to have an interesting life AND a full time job

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    When choosing to travel for a long-time family and friends are often concerned; they wonder if you will ever be able to settle down again, accept a routine life, stay in a job or find a partner. They’re concern is warranted because It’s true – travel changes your perspectives, making it more challenging to accept…

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    Nomadic cooking

    Camp kitchen

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    2 minute noodles, baked beans and canned soup. These are the camp food essentials right? Wrong! If you’re stuck in the dark ages of bunker style camp meals you will be in for a bad case of food envy on your next weekend away! We made the mistake of stocking up on these high salt, high…

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    Western Australia - NAC

    Staying fit on the road

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    One of the most beneficial health outcomes of outdoor adventuring is the amount of incidental exercise you pack into each day. From walking to the toilet block, to setting up the tent, you are constantly burning energy. James and I currently average at 20,000 steps a day, more than double the daily recommended. We are…

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    Fraser island beach

    Reflections of paradise

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    Where else in the world can you watch a giant goanna crawl past your back door, kangaroos jump across your front door, and a beautiful sunrise over a deserted island beach? Australia mate, and we bloody love it! Our great southern land is vast and changing. So much of it is left raw, rural and…

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    Toyota hilux 4x4

    Finding the perfect ride to freedom

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    Never before did I think I could become jealous of a material possession. That was until my boyfriend bought a new car. Sorry not a car, a ute (I’ve already been lectured on the importance of using the correct terminology). Her name is “Luxi” and of course, like me, she is a female. When James met Luxi I…

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