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your Nomadic Adventure


    The first step in any great adventure is commitment. Commitment to thinking ‘why not?’, rather than ‘why go?’ Commitment to being open to change, to new ideas, to meeting new people and challenging new frontiers.

    When you’re approaching your mid 20’s and you tell people you are travelling for an extended period of time family and friends are often skeptical. People ask; what about money? What about your future? When will you settle down? But the second phase of committing to the adventure is having confidence in choosing your own path. Living your own life, making your own rules. Don’t let other peoples’ insecurities let you lose faith in following your heart.

    Tell the skeptics that travel will make you a better person. Because it will. Everyone’s journey is different but travellers share an air of wisdom, worldliness and self-assurance. Travel gives you the time to discover amazing places and find your own place in the world.

    The third step is choosing where to go on your adventure.

    Visit Victoria - roadtrip
    3 sisters NSW - Nomadic
    Fraser island QLD - NAC

    A lot of young Australians think that seeing their own backyard is something to do when they’re old and grey in a caravan. But let us assure you that the grey nomads are not hiking to the summits, surfing the coastline or 4 wheel driving the tracks that we are! Australia is jam packed with outdoor adventuring – the type of stuff you want to do before crying babies and hip replacements.

    5 reasons to road trip Australia before you’re 50:

    1. To hike 20km up & down Australia’s highest summit – Mt. Kosciusko
    2. To do some extreme 4 wheel driving and reach amazing bush camping destinations
    3. To experience tent camping at its finest
    4. To meet young European backpackers
    5. To understand and appreciate the vastness of this great southern land

    Finally, travelling your own country is super easy! Speaking the same language, being able to read maps, talk to locals, and drive everywhere, ensures beautifully remote areas are accessible. And the ability to cook your own food and create your own tour makes it extremely affordable.

    What are you waiting for?! Now you have committed to becoming an Aussie nomad get saving, packing and driving your way to freedom!