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    Camping must haves
    • Double burner stove – hard to cook pasta and bolognaise sauce with a single burner. Halve the cooking time and get both burners going! Make sure you have a wind shield to protect the flame from blowing out.
    • $20 tarp could be the difference between a wet and a dry night, it’s worth it! When in doubt about the weather conditions always put the tarp up.
    • Water jerry cans – you need to take your own water into most national parks in Australia. You’ll be surprised how much water you need to cook, wash, do dishes and drink!
    • A form of shade, rain and wind protection. We use trees and our tent but awnings do look very handy if you have the money.
    • Moisturiser – cracked, bleeding heels from wearing thongs 24/7 is painful! Pack some moisturiser and use it before putting socks on to go to bed.
    • Spare towel – towels are hard to get dry. A beach towel can be useful as a bathroom backup and to dry off before entering the tent in the wet.
    • Dry bags – can pick these up at outdoor adventure stores. Great to store electronics in when hiking, or dirty clothes for washing.
    • Camp mat – Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important on the road. Our self-inflatable Hi-Country 4WD mats are great quality and very comfortable.
    • Wet ones – from cleaning yourself to wiping down the table, there’s always a need for a wet one!
    • Snap lock bags – when you’re 4 wheel driving and in high temperature areas liquids explode and plastic bottles snap. Our lesson from experience – snap lock bag everything! Finding an exploded shampoo bottle in your bag at the end of the day is never fun!
    • Tough plastic storage tubs – cheap one’s snap after the first bit of corrugated road. Bunker box from Bunnings is sturdy.
    • Dust pan. Clean out the tent and brush down whatever is dirty.
    • Head torches – use these every night. Be hands free to cook and set up! Our Black Diamond’s are USB rechargeable.
    • Elastic clothes line – run out of pegs? Whip one of these babies between a couple of trees and Bob’s your uncle!
    • Double sized camp table – you’ll need the space for food prep. Get one that doesn’t wobble every time you slice a carrot!
    Camping equipment
    1. An oversized flanny – love sleeping in a big comfy flanny and using it like a jacket when it gets cooler in the evenings.
    2. Quick drying running shorts – essential for workouts and walks, it sucks having constantly sweaty or wet clothing so an extra $20 spent on a quick drying pair will save you time and frustration. Also perfect to swim in, just like board shorts.
    3. Bathers – wash and wear when you run out of undies!
    4. Thongs – a must for caravan park showers, the beach, and most places in between.
    5. Waterproof shoes – Keep your feet and ankles warm and dry when it rains. Hiking boots are handy and can be slipped on to duck out of the tent.
    6. Kiwi socks – LOVE my Kiwi House socks! It’s like walking on clouds in these puppies.