Where Australia shines

    Lush and exotic, the land of the queen is full of mystical rain forests, vibrant surf culture and top tourist sites. The coast of Queensland is buzzing with everything holiday makers seek! Warm nights and humid days make the perfect conditions to lounge on the beach all day long.

    Bribie Island

    • Ventured over the bridge and found this little gem of a spot! We paid $12 a night for 2 adults camping at Ocean Beach.
    • $40 for 4X4 access.
    • Popular over long weekends so make sure you book during peak periods.
    • Camping right on the beach, backed by the bush. See kangaroos, snakes and goannas!
    • Very soft sand driving (softer than Fraser) to get in to the Ocean Beach campground – recommend driving in with others in case you get stuck, we got stuck once but made it out after letting the tyres down to 18psi and digging out the wheels with a shovel.
    • Definitely worth it! Sunrise was beautiful!

    bribie island

    Fraser Island

    • World’s largest sand island 120km long, accessible with 4X4 only, home to the Maheno shipwreck, dingoes and crystal clear lakes.
    • $80 Mantaray barge to Fraser from Rainbow bay offers a cheaper, quicker journey, and easier entry onto the sand at Fraser. You can also by your car pass and camping permits from the Mantaray office.
    • Plan your drive around the tides – do all the coastal sites at low tide when it’s safe to cross Eli creek, then head inland to explore the lakes and forest at high tide. Get a tide chart from the Mantaray office.
    • Beach driving to the colored sands at Rainbow bay is good practice and a beautiful drive before heading across to Fraser.
    • Don’t let people scare you about the 4X4 driving on Fraser – it’s not that hard! We didn’t get stuck once and it was only our second time sand driving (after Bribie). A good time to go is after a bit of rain when the sand is firmer.
    • Camping at Central Station in the rain forest has toilets and showers, and is also a great base for walking and driving tracks.



    • If you’re looking for a beautiful surf beach, awesome laid back vibe, and fantastic food, hit up Coolangatta on the Gold Coast.
    • Theme parks and Surfers Paradise approx 40min drive away.
    • Lamington and Springbrook national parks 30-60mins drive, featuring dense rain forests and intimidating waterfalls. Checkout the incredible Natural Bridge at Springbrook.
    • Make sure you get a hot choccie from the Max Brenner Chocolate bar in Coolli! Yummm!

    lamington NP