Start planning

your Nomadic Adventure


    We saved for 6 months to travel around Australia for 6 months.

    This is how we did it:

    1. Live at home – can’t beat free food, washing and accommodation! Travel whilst you live at home. After that you’ll have bills to pay!
    2. Have nights in – reduce the money you spend each weekend. Have casual drinks at home with friends before going out, rent a DVD instead of going to the movies, cook dinner for you and your friends instead of going to a restaurant.
    3. Work and study – a full time University load isn’t really full time for most students. We worked up to 40 hours a week whilst completing our degrees. P’s get degrees nomads!
    4. Work around home – offer to help out around home for some extra cash. Lawn mowing, vacuuming and cleaning out of cupboards can earn brownie points with the rents and help you save.
    Save before you travel
    1. Babysit – cash in hand, easy and rewarding. Put up posters at your local kindergarten and daycare to line up some babysitting hours before you leave (getting a working with children check is a good idea for this).
    2. Depart after Christmas – everybody knows what to buy a traveler for Christmas. Ask for the equipment you need from Santa and make the most of boxing day sales.
    3. Establish a travel savings account – most banks give the option to open an account with a higher interest rate that is not accessible by your key card. Schedule transfers into your travel savings account after ever pay week and don’t touch it!
    4. Don’t accumulate debt. We are living in a society where it’s super easy to live beyond our means, getting stuff we can’t actually afford. Avoid the trap, own your car, phone, computer and everything else outright before planning a holiday.
    5. Take your qualifications and certificates with you – pack your responsible service of alcohol, working with children check, first aid course certificate and resume. There are plenty of opportunities to find work in restaurants, bars and farms around Australia.