Looking to travel Australia?

    Here are some tips, tricks & things we learnt from our 2016 Roadtrip

    Go AWOL

    The first step in any great adventure is commitment. Commitment to thinking ‘why not?’, rather than ‘why go?’ This is why traveling Australia is a MUST!

    Saving before you go

    Fill the piggy bank before you set off on your journey. read our tips and tricks on how to save before you go.

    Finding a travel buddy

    How do you get your friends to pack their bags and join you on your All OZ adventure? Traveling with the right person/people can make or break a trip. Consider these points when finding your travel tribe.

    Equipment for the Journey

    Some of the camp equipment you will need can be costly. Read what we learnt to inform your purchasing decisions.

    Budgeting on the road

    How much are you likely to spend during your travel? We let you in on how much we spent during our travels. It might surprise you!

    What to pack?

    Get the low-down on what to pack for your trip, and what you need most! Load up on the essentials. Travel right and travel light.

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