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    Convincing the Mrs.

    I reckon there’s a few guys out there drooling over the thought of endless fishing exhibitions, daily sunset beers and epic four wheel drive tracks. But when you have a ‘significant other’ you may think that camping for 6 months is out of the question.

    Well fellas, I’m here to tell you how to convince your Mrs. to come along and keep you warm on those cold outback nights, cook you some delicious campfire meals and help with the washing up.

    Firstly you must accept that all good relationships require compromise. You don’t have to forget the dream, you just have to be strategic about it!

    travel with your partner

    3 scenarios to strategically relay to your partner after suggesting the idea of a road trip around Australia:

    1. “There’ll be plenty of time for you to sun-bake, read books and color-in. You’ll have ‘me’ time to really think about what you want out of life” (enter: fishing exhibitions).
    2. “The Australian outback sunsets are some of the most beautiful in the world. I want to watch them with you” (enter: daily sunset beers).
    3. “I wouldn’t want to have candlelit dinners in the bush with anyone else” (enter: citronella candles burning whilst eating juicy steaks).

    Now you’ve convinced her, you need to make sure she’ll be happy once you get going. A few creature comforts can be the difference between a 6 month & 6 day stint. Some advice to keep the peace on the road:

    1. Pack a shower! Going to bed grimy isn’t so appealing for a night spooning in the swag. Pack a $20 shower and you’ll be cuddling all night long.
    2. Put some kitty money aside to stay in a cabin once a month (at that time of the month). Bush camping with a period is hard yacka. Creature comforts are needed every once in a while.
    3. Leave a fair bit of space in the vehicle for her stuff, and don’t comment on how much she brings. Just be grateful she agreed to come, let her pack everything she needs to be comfortable.
    4. Don’t comment when she doesn’t shave or wax – keeping up with all that beauty maintenance gets hard on the road.
    5. Make sure you still compliment her; even when her hair looks like she’s been electrocuted, her armpits are sprouting and she’s missed 1 too may gym sessions. Hopefully your love goes beyond looks. Camping together breaks those barriers and keeps things down to earth.

    Phone a friend

    Road tripping around Australia with 1 or more friends is great fun. There are heaps of attractive European backpackers to meet, outback bars to drink in, and views to share. But travel brings out the best and the worst in people. Make sure you invite friends that will make the trip more enjoyable not harder work.

    Consider the following before choosing your road trip convoy:

    • Make sure you can sit in comfortable silence together – conversation can only last so long when you’re together 24/7.
    • Be able to make up after a fight. You will have some disagreements, the question is how will you resolve the issue? Don’t travel with mates who will hold a grudge and call the whole trip off after one tiff, make sure you can get over it and keep having fun!
    • Travel in even numbers. Make sure everyone in the group has a mate so you can split off at times and do your own thing.
    best friends love to travel
    • Work out the sleeping arrangements before you go. If travelling with boys and girls the conversation about who sleeps where is always going to be awkward. Work it out before you go and let the couples take their own tent.
    • Know what roles you will play. We all know what it’s like to work in a team of slackers. Travel and camping can be hard work at times. So make sure you travel with friends that will pull their own weight. If your friends mum still makes their lunch, you may be in for a high maintenance trip!
    • Don’t get ripped off! Create a money kitty that is kept in a universal wallet. Everybody contributes the same amount of weekly cash to the kitty wallet. This cash is used for items that everyone uses including food, camping and fuel.